Architecture at the Intersection of Digital Processes and Theatrical Performance. 12 to 26 January 2012, Tin Sheds Gallery Sydney Festival 2012 The University of Sydney
The Youtopia Exhibition
Architecture at the Intersection of Digital Processes and Theatrical Performance

Youtopia pursues the dream of other spaces and times, of outrageous and fascinating experiences, of the glamour and lights of Sydney Festival through a series of design explorations. The exhibition at the University of Sydney’s Tin Sheds Gallery showcases the 2011 design conversation between Sydney Festival and University of Sydney’s Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning. The resulting design projects animate qualities shared by Sydney Festival and the University of Sydney: bold, progressive, adventurous, intelligent and excellent.

The exhibition features works that represent Australia’s most promising young architectural minds, including 'The Spritz', a theatre venue and epitome of heterotopia; the ephemeral and captivating synchrony of an interactive landscape in ‘Musical Chairs’; 'Phosphorescence of the Sea’, an invocation of the synthetic sublime; the traced transitions and spatial flows of ‘Eroded’; and other performance concepts exploring prosthetic folds, swarm intelligence, tetrahedal autopoetics, structural trees, catenary networks, ‘mise en abyme’, phenomenal experiences, and multiple angles of vision. The exhibiton also showcases the application of digital technology by advanced design processes in 3D modelling and scripting environments, and the production of prototypes and models through the Architecture Faculty’s Digital Fabrication Lab.